In 10th Planet Beginner, students will learn the basic skills required to start their 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu journey. This class consists of a warm up portion to understand body mechanics followed by a detailed technique of the day. There is no rolling in this class making it perfect for those with little to no jiu jitsu experience. 10th Planet Beginner is also great for those with experience that want to brush up on their technique, use it as an active rest day, or warm up before the more advanced classes.


In 10th Planet All Levels, students will take a step up from Beginner and perform moderate to advanced techniques and learn other fundamental skills. In addition, the contact portion of class may consist of controlled live rolling and/or situational drills. 10th Planet All Levels is designed for advanced or new students alike where the contact and drilling is tailored for everyone's competency level.


Up your game with our more advanced jiu jitsu class. In Advanced, you'll perform higher level techniques in addition to more live rolling. This gives you the opportunity to apply your techniques in more realistic situations, though always in a safe setting.

10th Planet Kids 7-12yr

This class consists of a warm up featuring primal movements to understand body mechanics. Followed by the most basic techniques such a shrimping, butt scoots, and mount escapes which will prepare them for the techniques used in the Drilling portion of the class. The kids classes are structured two days Nogi- two days wrestling. Once the kids are advanced they are free to attend approved adult classes including the weekend Gi classes. *this is for approved students only ranked Grey or higher.


We feature USA Wrestling with Torotech Club Wrestling. Every Friday at 6:30pm we host a FREE Wrestling class open to all schools and affiliations.

2018 featured Anthony BIrchak USA Masters Freestyle Championship

2018 Camron Tutas AIA womens Flowing Wells 3rd

2019 Camron Tutas 1st AIA womens sectionals 2nd

2019 Camron Tutas 110 1st ever Womens AIA representing at State

private coaching from Anthony Birchak


Power Vinyasa for all ages and all levels of yogi. Martial artists will appreciate the recovery, beginners will appreciate my attention to detail. Intimate class sizes for now, come learn from a CorePower yoga instructor with 700 hours of training. Tap into the power of your breath and body!




Even though we are a no gi school, 4 mornings a week we go back to more traditional roots with gi jiu jitsu. This is for all levels and will be structured like our regular 10th Planet classes (warm up, technique, situational/live rolling) except outfitted in a gi.






4765 E Speedway Blvd.

Tucson, Az 85712




How It Started:

Birchak and Casey teamed up in 2015, Birchak hired Casey to teach him Jiu Jitsu and head up his fight camp. The two quickly realized that the styles meshed great. Birchak with his funk wrestling style and Casey with his 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, What you get is too good not to share. Birchak and Casey decided to bring this eclectic wild style of training to the city of Tucson. This joint effort was formed out of success in and out of the cage with the intent of helping the people of Tucson achieve their own goals.

Anthony Birchak:

Anthony Birchak is an American mixed martial artist. He competed in the bantamweight and featherweight divisions. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Birchak was a highly decorated amateur wrestler at Sahuarita High School. Birchak attended Pima Community College and Grand Canyon University where he majored in Visual Communications. Birchak has an MMA record of 14-6. Veteran of UFC- Belllator- Rizin former MFC world Champion, Rage in the Cage Champion. Brown Belt - Onnit Invitational 145 tournament vet, Bullpen Subsmission Series 145 Champion Rise of the Prospects Lightweight Champion. 2018 USA wrestling National Masters Champion.

Anthony Birchak takes pride in developing home grown MMA-Wrestling-Jiu JItsu talents from day one, as he works closely with everyone, from students with no Martial Arts experience, to athletes at the peak of their careers. On top of being a master of his craft, Anthony’s style of pushing the limits has built a strong reputation, which has been proven repeatedly, from traveling all around the globe to train under the best athletes and coaches for him during fight camps. He brings this wealth of knowledge and experience back to his team and implements them into his own unique style. Dubbed TOROTECH MMA-BJJ-Wrestling.

He lives a life devoted to inspiring and aspiring athletes to live a healthy mental and physical lifestyle and pursue higher personal and professional goals in their lives.

Casey Halstead:

Casey Halstead is a professional Mixed Martial Arts trainer with over eight years of coaching experience. Originally a mixed martial artist with a boxing foundation, Casey took his Eddie Bravo Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, striking, and wrestling, skills onto the teaching platform. He is the owner and head coach of 10th Planet Las Vegas, 10th Planet Costa Mesa, 10th Planet Buena Park, and 10th Planet Orange, 10th Planet Irvine, and the newest location 10th Planet Tucson, while still training under 7th Degree Red and Black Belt Jean Jacques Machado and 10th Planet’s founder Eddie Bravo. In addition to the series of the 6,10th Planets, he was the head Jiu Jitsu instructor at Mark Munoz’s Reign Training Center.

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